The Compass Rose Academy offers a comprehensive educational program through its on-site Jr./Sr. High School, which is fully accredited by the Indiana Department of Education and is part of the Metropolitan School District of Wabash County.

The curriculum is based on the Internet program NovaNET, which creates individualized educational plans for each student, allowing her to earn credits at an accelerated rate once competency is demonstrated. The curriculum is supplemented with enrichment activities such as general classroom discussions and off-campus field trips that reiterate core themes of healing, development, teamwork, compassion and respect. This education allows students to maintain and/or advance from their current grade level, recover credits by showing proficiency and obtain a general or Core 40 diploma.

The school offers an innovative Credit Acceleration/Recovery Program, allowing students to make up credit for classes they’ve taken in the past and helping them to graduate from high school. The online CA/RP program lets students enroll at any time throughout the calendar year and receive transferable credits. Compass Rose also offers the General Education Development diploma, which serves as a viable option for many students who find they are lacking the credits to receive a high school diploma within a timeframe available to them.

Our year-round calendar allows for a seamless curriculum for students who enroll or withdraw throughout the calendar year. All students will attend school Monday through Thursday with holiday breaks and extended seasonal breaks.

Every teacher stresses accountability for academic performance and personal behavior. With a low student-to-teacher ratio, strict behavior standards, a uniform policy and mandatory study times, students experience academic success they have never had before. In the process, students learn important study skills that benefit them throughout their lives.

A standard public school curriculum based on the Indiana state standards is provided in school, making it possible for students to stay on track for a high school diploma.