AcademicsCompass Rose Academy offers a comprehensive educational program through its partnership with the Metropolitan School District of Wabash County. The Metropolitan School District of Wabash County operates an on-campus school, White’s Jr./Sr. High School, that is fully accredited by the Indiana Department of Education.

Each student has an individualized academic plan specifically designed to move that student toward meeting graduation requirements. Licensed, highly qualified teachers utilize computer based curriculum aligned to state and national standards. The computer based curriculum allows students to recover missing credits as well as earn credits at an accelerated rate once proficiency is demonstrated. The curriculum is supplemented with enrichment activities such as general classroom discussions and off-campus field trips that reiterate core themes of healing, development, teamwork, compassion and respect. The school is able to provide many levels of support from Special Education Services to Advanced Placement (AP) courses. The variety of educational programs provided allow students to maintain and/or advance from their current grade level, and pursue a General, Core 40, or Academic Honors Diploma.

Each teacher stresses accountability for academic performance and personal behavior. With a low student-to-teacher ratio, strict behavior standards, a uniform policy, and mandatory study times, students have the opportunity to experience academic success they often have never had before. In the process, students learn important study skills that benefit them throughout their lives.

Students attend school Monday through Thursday with holiday breaks and an extended break in the summer. A year-round calendar provides a seamless curriculum for students who enroll or withdraw throughout the calendar year.